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A Major Cut Lawn Service, LLC is committed to making your outdoor environment enjoyable and safe. Conveniently located in Tamarac, FL, specialize in an array of services — from lawn care to tree trimming and everything in between, we’ve got you covered!

As a trusted company, our mission is to provide high-quality and complete lawn care and maintenance services with unmatched customer service. Our team has completely mastered the art of lawn services and is capable of successfully tackling your project, demonstrating a high level of professionalism and great precision. Our in-depth knowledge, expertise, and technical skills, combined with the effective teamwork we showcase, make us the reputable contractor you can rely on.

We have developed a passion for helping people and enjoy establishing a lawn that brings comfort and satisfaction to a home. As a trusted lawn service provider, we take great pride in our robust work ethic and due diligence. Our team of dedicated professionals is eager to provide top-notch lawn maintenance and make your outdoor space look exactly how you desire.

If you find yourself in need of professional lawn service in Tamarac, FL, don’t hesitate to contact us right away. We at A Major Cut Lawn Service, LLC are readily available to provide smooth and efficient services and deliver outstanding results! Give us a call today at (754) 296-8460, and let us handle the project for you!

Lawn Service


  • Lawn Mowing and Maintenance
  • Lawn Edging
  • Weeding
  • Tree Trimming
  • Hedging Service
  • Garden Maintenance